How Do We Know How To Stop Sweat And Cure Hyperhidrosis?

We have been working on Mechanic Method (what’s this?) to stop sweat for close to a decade!

After suffering from excessive underarm perspiration and hyperhidrosis for several years, and trying EVERYTHING, we finally found (well, kinda’ created) a method that works.

So we said to ourselves, “Hey selves, remember how bad it sucked searching feverishly for a cure for excessive sweating?”

We answered to ourselves, “Yea.”

Then we asked ourselves, “Hey selves, aren’t you super-stoked that you FINALLY stopped the sweat?”

To which we answered, “Well, yea.”

Then we finished the Q&A with, “Hey selves, don’t you think there’s millions of poor souls still suffering from hyperhidrosis that would LOVE to learn how to stop sweat?”

And of course, we thought, “Yea.”

So we started spreading the word of how to stop sweat at once. We met a few people with extreme hyperhidrosis (mostly underarm and palm sweating) and started with them.

We sorta’ used them as our guinea pigs. They didn’t mind though, because…


We were on to something! That was the birth of the specific Mechanic Method(ology).

From there we began helping more and more people stop sweat and hyperhidrosis personally. Like one-on-one, coaching-style. And we did it for free. And we still do. Why?

Why Do We Do It free?

We could charge for our services. Many of our clientsare very desperate. We could charge a LOT. Why don’t we? Because..

We know what it feels like to be forced to keep your hands glued to your sides.

We know what it feels like to have change your shirt three times a day and hope nobody notices.

We know what it feels like to dread having to shake someone’s hand.

We know what it feels like to be embarrassed and feel like a freak.

Most importantly, though, we know what it feels like once you cure excessive sweating. And it feels soooo good…

And helping people attain that *VICTORY* feeling you get when you stop sweat, is why we do it.

Since it was fulfilling for us to provide the secrets of Mechanic Method to excessive sweaters one-on-one, we thought, “Why not spread the word to the world?”

And that’s where we are right now, the World Wide Web.

Mechanic Mission

To help people all across the globe cure hyperhidrosis and stop sweat. To be a participant in their challenging and fulfilling expedition to stop sweat. To provide a place where people with hyperhidrosis can go to feel good. To feel like they belong. Like somebody knows how they feel. Like they’re NOT alone, and they’re NOT weird. To make the place entertaining. To throw jokes in every now and again to keep it light. To show them specific technologies that will help them stop sweat, but also feel a lot better about themselves and their lives. To have fun ourselves, feel fulfilled, and make a little money in a socially responsible way. And our final goal is to provide clues to the secret of the universe. Somebody clued us in several years ago for which we are eternally grateful.

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Action Step–Learn the causes of armpit sweat and hyperhidrosis. You should understand them before starting on your journey.

Action Step–Learn about Mechanic Method. After you understand the causes, then obviously you need to learn about how to prevent armpit sweat and HH.

Action Step–Move on to Step 1: Doctor. Do this if you have already read about the causes, and the main idea of Mechanic Method.

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