Body Sweats

Location: Dothan, Al

My hands and feet are dry. But my torso sweats so much that I look like I wet my pants. I can not wear certain colors because the wetness shows. My body sweats even during the cold winter. When My clothes get wet I can get chilled but still feel hot.

During the sumer when it is really hot the sweating will dehydrate me and I get muscle cramps. The problem has been with me 15 years. It is more a problem now that the only effective medicine has been removed from the market. I was taking Bellaspas to help somewhat with the problem. This drug has been removed from the market.

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One response to “Body Sweats”

  1. Chris says:

    Hi There,

    I’ve heard of cases similar to this one before. I am sorry to hear that you’ve been suffering for more than 15 years now. And it also sucks that the medicine you were taking to somewhat control the sweating has been taken off the market.

    (But on the bright side, it was probably taken off for a reason, so you’re better off this way.)

    The first thing I would recommend–which I recommend to everybody right off the bat–is to go see a doctor. It doesn’t have to be a special hyperhidrosis doctor. Just go see any doctor and tell them about your condition.

    I imagine since this has been happening for 15 years that you’ve already done that.

    Next thing I would recommend is that you begin taking a closer look into the circumstances of your life.

    If I were sitting with you right now, there would be a LOT of questions I’d want you to answer for me.

    Do you sweat more in certain situations than you do in others?

    What’s your diet like? Take me through a typical week.

    How’s your physical fitness?

    Does sweating run in your family?

    Have the perspiration areas migrated at all over the last 15 years? I.e. Did you ever have sweaty hands and feet, just not anymore?

    What solutions have you tried to stop it?

    Other than the one medication, did anything else work?

    These are some of the types of questions I would ask. THEN, I would design a plan around the concept of Stacking. If you don’t know what Stacking is, click on the button on the left that says Stacking and read about it.

    Also, check out the Herbs For Sweat section. There are a couple specific excessive sweating herbs that a lot of people have success with.

    I hope this helps, and please do keep us informed.

    Chris Mechanic

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