Body Sweat

Location: Massachusetts

I suffer mainly from BODY SWEAT!

I seem to sweat from my torso–mostly my back– during the day, but most of the time my armpits arent even sweating.

I always feel hot like its 90 degrees out and then i sweat. Sometimes i have like hot flashes where im fine and then randomly start sweating but nothing has changed. Then i go back to being ok and then i start getting hot and sweat all over again.

Why is this? Ive noticed that both my parents sweat a lot but they always seem to be fine in normal conditions and can wear anything. They only sweat more than other people when its hot out or when they exercise.

Why is my sweating problem 10 times worse than theirs. Everyday after school my shirt looks like i just ran 10 miles!

I need help!

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One response to “Body Sweat”

  1. Chris says:

    Hi there,

    I’m sorry to hear that your body sweat is getting in the way of everyday life. It totally sucks, and I know just what it’s like. Believe me when I say that if you use the free tools on this website, you will see then end of your body sweating days.

    A special consideration for you, is that usually, when there is an absense of armpit sweat, you have a form of what’s medically referred to as “general” hyperhidrosis. Not every time, but usually, this is caused by some other disorder.

    GO TO THE DOCTOR and tell them about your problem!

    Body sweating sucks by itself, but it’s not dangerous or life-threatening. You could be suffering from something else that you don’t know about that sucks even worse, or that IS dangerous or life-threatening. Please, go to the doctor.

    Based on what happens at the doctor, you’re going to have a certain path you’ll take. Most likely, your doctor will do some blood tests, and come back to you with some news. If they find something, just listen to what they say and do what they tell you.

    (My advice is not meant to be a substitute for qualified medical advice as I’m not a doctor.)

    But if they just say that you have plain-jain hypherhidrosis, then come back to the site and follow the action plan.


    *Stop Sweating With Your Body
    *Stop Sweating With Your Mind
    *How we cured it

    And try a bunch of different solutions simultaneously.

    Hope this helps.

    Chris Mechanic

    P.S. It’s funny that you brought up genetics b/c there is some research current underway that is investigating whether Hyperhidrosis is genetic, and if so, to what extent.

    They sent me an email and asked me to see if people wanted to participate. Let me know if you’re interested by filling out the form on this page

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