Body Odor and Rubbing Alcohol

Author: Ms. Anonymous
Location: NJ

Hey Chris,

It’s me again and this time my question’s about body odor and rubbing alcohol…

Does rubbing alcohol work to kill all the bacteria in my pits that causes the sweat and odor? And about the odor thing, I use dial soap now I guess it works better then all the other soaps to me I still smell a little odor.

Yes I’m in high school and under the age of 25.Ive had this problem since I was 12 and ever since then I’ve been having more and more sweat. I’m now 17 so it might be hard for me to get rid of the anxiety right? i just started using Dove deoderant. “Fresh” doesn’t work. I tried Mitchum, it sucks. Degree, Secret, mostly everything I’ve tried sucks.

And about this Botisol stuff can i find that at a pharmacy? Does it actually really work? I also started a few days ago listening to some downloads I downloaded. I guess I’ll continue to listen to them. Hope it works.

Can you please reply back as soon as possible?


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One response to “Body Odor and Rubbing Alcohol”

  1. Chris Mechanic says:

    Hello again Miss,

    Rubbing alcohol is worth a try for your Bromhidrosis (body odor), but I doubt it will prove a lasting solution. It will kill the bacteria on the surface, but it won’t stop new bacteria from coming out.

    The more I think about your situation with excessive sweating and body odor, I’m thinking that you could benefit from a full system detox. That’s when you get rid of toxins that were built up in your body. Judging by your eating habits, which you mentioned were pretty bad, probably the source of the odor is the unhealthy foods you systematically put into your body’s system.

    With regard to Botisol, I was just informed that they no longer manufacture it, so you can’t get it anywhere. It did work pretty well, though. Continue listening to the downloads.

    Also, start exercising regularly. Start eating better. Work on your self-confidence. And look into a possible system detox.

    There is a way to dramatically reduce this excess perspiration and bromhidrosis (body odor). You just have to be patient enough to try different stuff and find what works for you. Check back and let us know what you’re doing : )


    Chris Mechanic

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