Best Undershirts For Excessive Sweating

Joshua Gibson
Location: Houston, TX, USA

Hey guys i had a question, you say to always wear an undershirt to help with the sweating, and i was wondering if you had any recommended material?

The ones I wear are the Hanes 100% cotton ones, and they work alright. But i was wondering if yall suggest maybe polyester or something, but it needs to be not visible.

So maybe just specify what type of undershirts thanks a lot, I really love this site.

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2 responses to “Best Undershirts For Excessive Sweating”

  1. Chris says:

    Hi Joshua,

    That’s an EXCELLENT question! And it’s something that we don’t cover very thoroughly on the site (not yet, anyway).

    There are certain undershirts that are better than others.

    There’s a company called Advantage Wear ( that specializes in products for excessive sweating.

    You can find underarm sweat-shields (which I highly recommend), and also shirts with the shields already sewn in. Their clothes are a little more expensive than regular clothes, but I’ve used them with good results.

    Another company that is dedicated to making good excessive sweating undershirts is called Kleinert’s Shields ( They have a huge variety of sweat-guards, and clothing specially designed for excessive sweaters.

    The last thing I would recommend to you Joshua, with regard to undershirts is to try wearing more than one. If it’s not too warm, stacking a few undershirts can help a lot.

    Speaking of Stacking, have you been following “Mechanic Method?”


    Chris Mechanic

  2. Anonymous says:

    I suffer from severe sweating of the underarms and the trunk. I’ve learned over years that there are some 100% polyester shirts that will hide the sweat completely. The shirt can be 100% wet and it won’t show. Mostly black shirts. You need to do some testing: I found several at Macy’s over the years. The black may fade over time for some shirts, but its worth it.

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