Axe Deodorant Doesn’t Work Anymore

Author: Justin Sibley
Location: Flint, Michigan

lets see it started around 8th grade i noticed my armpits would sweat just a little bit so i just put a little of my axe deodorant on before my 6th hour.

Im currently 16 in the 11th grade and im so tired of this problem my armpits would sweat so bad that there would be rings around my armpits people would make fun of me saying that i stink.

For some reason when armpits sweat people think i farted dont know why!?

Im so tired of living like this i ask myself every day what’s the point of being alive if i cant live my life i dont really sweat as much as i used to now its just the B.O. that’s bothering me
People dont know how we feel in what we have to go through with this curse. When you have Hyperhidrosis to me is you dont have a life in you wont fit in with the normal people.

I know that there are others like me and only we know what we are going through and how we feel.

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