Antiperspirants and Ingredients


For some reason, if I use Antiperspirants with certain ingredients–like aluminum chloride–my armpits will break out with rashes.

Are there any without?

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One response to “Antiperspirants and Ingredients”

  1. Josh says:

    Yes, actually there are. And there are also some Antiperspirants which are made to be more gentle for sensitive skin, but still contain an Aluminum-based active ingredient.

    There’s a thing called a “Salt Crystal Antiperspirant” which looks almost like a stone. It’s really inexpensive and lasts a long time apparently, too. You apply it by rubbing it under your arms. It’s unscented, so if you’d like some odor protection, you can use it in conjunction with an deodorant that doesn’t contain any Aluminum.

    Another Antiperspirant option you may want to try is one called “Odaban.” Although it’s one of the strongest Antiperspirants on the market with regard to Aluminum content, because of the way it’s formulated (with alcohol instead of water, or ‘non-aqueous’) it works particularly well for people with sensitive skin.

    Hope this helps, and sorry about the delay in getting back to you.

    Josh Mechanic

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