Another Excessive Sweating Question from Ms. Anonymous

Ms. Anonymous
Location: NJ

Hi Chris,

I’m actually under 25 years old. I’ve used most of all the deoderants and antiperspirants you could think of even this stuff called Certain Dri p.m. I had started to put it on every night for about a month and still no change. (That stuff actually burns under my armpits.)

Is it bad for your sweat glands to close up?.

And also the sweat starts while im in school and even when im going to work. I do get nervous sometimes but i have know clue why. Should i get rid of the shirts that stink? Or wash them and try the gold bond and sweat-shields?

And the kinds of foods i eat are the greasy types of food like french fries, burgers anything even lots of candy. I stop drinking too much soda and started drinking more water. I’m not overweight. I actually lost weight. Im 135 now so it cant be my weight right? And the reason i cant smell is it because my body is immune to the bad smell or is because I have a sinus infection? im not sure myself I read your body odor section and got alot of information the sections you told me to check out.

Can you get back to me a.s.a.p

Thanks, Chris 🙂

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One response to “Another Excessive Sweating Question from Ms. Anonymous”

  1. Chris says:

    Hello Ms. Anonymous,

    Thanks for the follow-up questions about dealing with sweat. I’m sure there are other people in the same situation as you that are reading this thread.

    With regard to the Certain Dri and other antiperspirants burning, it’s because of the aluminum that’s in there which, as you know, blocks up the sweat glands. Whether or not this is bad for you is still up for debate. Nobody knows for sure. But a lot of people speculate that it is bad for you, because aluminum is a heavy metal, and putting a heavy metal into your body probably doesn’t have much health benefit.

    Sounds like your excessive sweating gets more intense when you’re in social situations, which is very common. I would definitely get rid of the shirts that stink, unless they don’t stink anymore after you wash them. Still, even if you do get rid of them, use Gold Bond and sweat-shields. They rock.

    Girl, are you kidding, you eat all that greasy stuff? Stop eating like that and I bet you’ll see a difference after a little while. The difference in your sweating may be about 40%, but the difference in your body odor will be tremendous. Start eating lots of fruits and veggies, and other things we discuss in the ‘Body’ section. Also, start exercising if you haven’t already. You didn’t even read the site like I told you to!

    Start eating and exercising the way we describe it, and start working on your self-confidence so that this anxiety thing goes away.

    You’re doing good though, keep up the good work.

    Chris Mechanic

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