Anonymous Needs HELP w/ Body Odor

Ms. Anonymous
Location: NJ

Hi..i sweat a lot under my armpits and it causes my shirts to smell. I wash my shirts like two times and if I wear the shirts again and sweat the odor comes back.

I’m in high school so thats the worse thing that can happen especially when we are in a small class. And sometimes I can’t smell if I stink or not it’s like my nose sucks..

Do you have any advice for me? This problem of me sweating is so, so annoying. It drives me crazy! I would like to be normal and not worry about if I stink or not.

Can you get back with me as soon as possible? Thanks.

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One response to “Anonymous Needs HELP w/ Body Odor”

  1. Chris says:

    Hello Ms. Anonymous, this is Chris Mechanic.

    I’m glad you brought this question up, because I’m sure lots of other people are wondering the same thing.

    It sounds like you have a slight case of ‘bromhidrosis’ or strong body odor. I’ve dedicated a portion of the site to this very problem which you can find by clicking on “Body Odor” along the left. I definitely suggest you check that out.

    There’s a product called ‘Botisol’ which you can get to from the “Body Odor” section that has helped lots of people with bromhidrosis.

    With regard to your shirts smelling, one thing I can recommend for an immediate impact is using some sweat-shields. You can read all about them by clicking on “Stacking” and then scroll down until it starts talking about sweat-guards.

    What they will do is provide a layer between your armpit and your shirt, so that the sweat-guard absorbs most of the odor. Also, think about sprinkling some baby powder, or Gold Bond Medicated Powder on the sweat-shields before using them.

    Other than that, I was wondering how old you are. If you are still young, like under 25, it could just be a hormonal change that will pass eventually. Also I’m wondering how long you’ve been experiencing this. Do you use an antiperspirant, or just a regular deodorant?

    A major thing that effects body odor is the foods that you eat. Also, drinking, smoking, and other ingestibles have a big impact on your smell.

    Since I obviously don’t know what your habits are like, I’d recommend you check out the section of the site called “Your Body” on the left.

    Watch my YouTube video and read about the different food and drinks I recommend. Finally, what I’d suggest you do is click on the part called “How We Cured It” and sign-up for the free 4-Day E-Course.

    I hope this stuff helps, and I hope your body odor and sweating becomes a thing of the past.


    Chris Mechanic

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