A Cure For Sweating! Finally!

Author: K.C.

I’d had excessive perspiration for over 2 years, and I’ve finally found a cure for sweating!

These two years were probably the worst time to be sweating because I was just starting middle school and trying to be cool and fit in, just like the other insecure kids. However, unlike most of them, I came home each day with huge sweat circles that would start early in the morning when I got dressed and got worse and worse throughout the day.

I would automatically get home from school and change into a t-shirt because my other shirt was drenched. My friends didn’t understand why I had this problem, and although I knew they loved me, they would still make fun of my sweating problem.

I tried every type of deodorant ever made and tried the antipersperant advertised on T.V. called “Certain Dry.” Nothing worked.

One day I just decided I had had enough. I was desperate for a cure for sweating. I told my mom that I was sick of my problem and I wanted it to stop. I did some research and learned about Drysol, and soon after my mom took me to the doctor to get a prescription. At first I was discouraged. I couldn’t shave as often when I used it, so I had long armpit hair, and plus it didn’t work at first.

I started to go to school with unshaved pits AND excess perspiration. It also itched really bad and irritated my skin. However, after using it consistently for a couple of weeks, I began to notice that I was sweating less and less. My skin got used to the stuff and it was less irritated.

Once the perspiration began to decrease, I could use the Drysol less often and I could shave more often. Now I only sweat when I am extremely hot or when I exercise. When I do sweat, it is a small amount that normal people sweat, not people with excessive sweating problems.

I am going into my first year of high school in the fall. I am very excited to meet new people and learn new things. But most of all, I am very excited to do it without huge sweat circles every day.

Because of Drysol, I am more confident and outgoing. If you are struggling with excess perspiration, use Drysol. Whoever invented that stuff was a genius. Because of them, I have finally found a cure for sweating!!

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One response to “A Cure For Sweating! Finally!”

  1. Chris Mechanic says:

    Hello K.C.,

    Congratulations on finding a cure for sweating. I love hearing success stories like that. You know, a lot of hyperhidrosis patients find a cure in Drysol. That’s why I always urge readers to go to the doctor and talk to them about sweating disease. Keep up the good work. You’re an inspiration to the thousands of excessive sweaters who are reading this!

    Chris Mechanic

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