Sickness From Sage & St John’s Wort

(Toronto, ON, Canada)


I am writing because I tried to follow some of the steps to prevent excessive sweating as it is a big problem for me. Since you wrote about stacking I tried to drink Sage and St John’s Wort.

I would drink sage one day (1/2 cup in the morning and 1/2 before sleep cool)and St Johns wort the other day. I followed every single step that you provided. I’ve been taking them for 4 days now but I started getting sick like 3 days ago.

It started with heavy headaches and then today and the day before I’ve in bed all day. I just threw up this morning and I think that it was the herbs as it was green. I know that it sounds nasty and it is.

Another problem that I had is that when I was peeing it would have that strong smell and as I was finishing peeing I would feel that burning sensation in my penis.

I really need to be able to deal with my hyperhidrosis problem but I cant keep on drinking those herbs. I was wondering if you have heard of such side effects?

I saw on the page that you talked about it that I could apply them directly to the affected areas, does it have the same results as drinking it?


Hi there,

No I haven’t ever heard of those side-effects, but I’m very sorry to hear that happened to you.

I would completely stop the usage of those two supplements and see a doctor if your sickness persists.

My guess is that it is your body’s way of dealing with something that it wasn’t used to.

Yes, sage can be applied directly to the skin in poultice form. It wouldn’t make sense to do that w/ St. John’s Wort though.

Answer these questions and I’ll give you some more guidance…

1. What are your major effected areas? (i.e. pits, palms, face, feet?)

2. Are you male or female?

3. What else have you tried?

4. How old are you?

5. What are your eating habits?

6. What is your level of physical fitness?

7. How long have you had hyperhidrosis?

8. Have you seen a doctor?

I look forward to getting your answers.

Josh Mechanic

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3 responses to “Sickness From Sage & St John’s Wort”

  1. Josh Mechanic says:

    Hey man,

    Thanks for answering all the questions. Here’s what you should do…

    Go to the doctor!

    It doesn’t have to be any special type of doctor. Your general physician will do.

    They will most likely give you an antiperspirant with a low dosage of aluminum. They will have you put this on your face at night before going to bed. They may issue you some type of moisturizer to go along with it since it can dry your face out.

    If you find that you sweat more in certain situations (which is almost always the case) the self-confidence stuff works really well.

    What have you tried to increase your self-confidence?

    My brother and I used hypnosis to reduce our sweating and simultaneously boost self-confidence.

    When you click that link above, it takes you to this downloadable mp3 which you simply listen to and it hypnotizes you. If you get the “Perfect Partners” series, it hypnotizes you not only to sweat less, but also to boost your self-esteem.

    I’d give it a try if I were you. It works pretty well.

    Make sure to drink a lot of water, too.

    Try these three things and come back in a 3-4 weeks to let us know how things are coming along for you. We will give you more guidance at that point if you need.

    Josh Mechanic

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  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the prompt reply Josh!

    1- My face is the most affected area
    2- I am Male
    3- I’ve looked over the internet and I found that working on my self confidence would be a big boost but it doesnt seem to work for me. Maybe I dont know how to…
    4- I’m 19 years old
    5- I dont really think that I have bad eating habits–> see I live with my parents and my mom cooks almost everyday and they dont even use oil that much, she even uses less salt in her foods than most ppl would… I try not to eat too much junk food…
    6- Physical fitness I’ll just break it down this way-> I play 5 different sports. The major one is tennis, I played #1 in High School and I had a scholarship for University. I play like everyday day. I’m thinking now if sport was the only thing that could help me with my hyperhidrosis I’d be doomed lol.
    7- I cant even keep track of how long I’ve had hyperhidrosis… At least 5 years I’d say
    8- I haven’t seen a doctor + I dont even know what type of doctor I should see…

    I hope I answered all your questions…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thanks, I am working on all that. I think that I have done some progress regarding self confidence but I am still sweating.. lol But I am definitely going to persevere and hopefull I’ll see positive results

    Thank You