Does Salt Crystal Antiperspirant Work?

I came across a "Salt Crystal Antiperspirant" during the course of my normal research the other day. As I continued researching, I found blog posts from a people saying that the stuff works. However, I also found some posts from people that said that the stuff doesn’t work at all.

Some of the posts were from people who claimed to have been very heavy sweaters before. Also some bloggers that considered themselves to have more body odor than the average person.

Salt crystal antiperspirant is extremely cheap. It’s about the same price for a stick as the Usual Suspects (Secret, Speed Stick, etc.) but it apparently lasts for years. It comes in different forms as well. There are roll-ons, and spray-ons. But then there are also these actual rocks that people use and rub them on their underarms! I was surprised by that.

Salt crystal antiperspirant is also praised as being more natural than regular antiperspirants. There is a controversy over regular antiperspirants because they contain aluminum as their main sweat-blocking ingredient. The aluminum moves into your sweat glands and blocks the sweat from coming out. That’s how they work. But some people are worried about that because aluminum has been linked to Alzheimer’s disease and certain types of cancer, so they figure putting it in your armpits everyday may not be the best idea.

Has Anyone Used A Salt Crystal Antiperspirant Or Something Like It?

I just ordered a salt crystal antiperspirant from one of the many online retailers that offer them ( It was like $5. It works okay on my smell, but I can still smell myself. Not as bad as it would be though if I used no deoderant.

Does anyone have any experience with this type of product? Has anyone heard anything about the dangers of aluminum?

I want to write a nice, thorough article for everyone, but I need help. HELP!! : )

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