Free Stuff From Bye-Bye to You!

Here’s a compilation of some free stuff that I’ve found which was highly useful to me. This stuff may not have to do directly with excessive sweating, but you’ll still like it.

The Google Pack is totally free and ready to use within just a few clicks. It comes with Google Earth, which, if you haven’t used it yet, is like the coolest thing in the world.

Also it comes with a suped-up version of FireFox, a Real Media Player, Adobe Reader, Spyware detector, and a bunch more. I love Google : )

Looking for that special someone? Try out some free online dating! I know, I know, you probably think online dating is only for weirdos, etc. That’s quite bogus, though. You’d be surprised how many people are moving online to find some hook-ups.

Whether you’re looking to meet the man/woman of your dreams or just a quick hook-up, online dating is where it’s at. And hey, don’t worry about the excessive sweating. Most people won’t notice or won’t care.

Wanna make some easy cash? Fill out online surveys. It’s super-easy, you can do it whenever you want, and you get cash or other prizes. What could be cooler than that? It’s free to get started, too.

Who doesn’t love free samples? This is a big website all about health and wellness. There’s tons of articles and resources on there for free. As if that weren’t enough, you can also sign up to get free samples of a bunch of different products. Pretty sweet!

Knowledge available, free of charge. That’s right. This website gives away hundreds of free ebooks that you can download instantly. Topics listed alphabetically range from business to spirituality to history. Definitely you can find something you’ll like. Just a heads-up–you have to register with them before you can download.

Free RingTones! I checked it and it’s legit. You don’t even have to sign up for anything. Just go ahead and download the free ringtones. They’re called “polyphonic.” Not exactly sure what that means, but it sounded slightly funny. I don’t know. But who cares, it’s totally free!

More Stuff Coming

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