Four Key Things To Know About Excessive Sweating

How 2 People In The Exact Same Situation Experience Dramatically Different Results


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We see this happen all the time. In one of the most recent examples, Tina and Jen were both plagued by excessive sweating and seeking relief. Two months later, Tina is still sweating heavily, and Jen is living the peaceful, sweat-free life both of them wanted so badly.

What did they do differently?

It wasn’t that one of them wanted it more than the other. And neither of them spent thousands of dollars on expensive medical procedures. What Jen did was basically eliminated her problem, by approaching it in a unique way.

In this lesson, I’ll show you 4 subtle changes you can make to really help in finding the absolute cure. This isn’t rocket-science, it’s about being open-minded and creative.

Let’s take a look at 3 ways to approach the sweating problem. The basic way, the better way, and what we call the brilliant way. These three examples will help you understand the process that leads to the best results.

TheBad Way

Tina notices that her underarms have started sweating more than normal and it’s starting to affect her life negatively. Her shirts get noticeable stains on them if she wears certain colors, and it’s creating some social anxiety for her.

She does a little bit of research online, finds a maximum-strength antiperspirant to try, and uses it according to the directions. The antiperspirant kind of works for a little while, but then as she continues using it, it stops working almost completely.

She’s now sweating again like she was before, her anxiety is increasing and she is disheartened that the antiperspirant didn’t work for her. Tina declares that antiperspirants just don’t work for her, that she must be a one-of-a-kind case, and gives up hope.

As time goes by, she becomes more and more upset, and gets to a point where she doesn’t know what to do.

TheBetter Way

Jen tries the same antiperspirant as Tina, and does experience some relief, but not as much as she was hoping for. But instead of getting more depressed about it, and giving up hope, she views it as a learning experience. She knows that she isn’t doomed to being a “sweaty person” forever, and that this will eventually go away.

She’s also glad that she figured out that that particular antiperspirant didn’t work for her, and is eager to try new things.

After doing some more research online, she finds that there are lots of other things she can try. She starts experimenting with various herbal remedies, other antiperspirants, and even asks her doctor about it.

Her doctor gives her some prescription-strength antiperspirant and gives her some background information on “Hyperhidrosis”, or excessive sweating.

The sweating wasn’t stopped instantaneously, but after about 2 months, it was reduced dramatically, to a level that was much easier to deal with.

But paying attention to her thoughts, and not allowing herself to get so gloomy, she had the energy to take new action and try new things. Now she is almost back to her old self again.

Here’s an example of an even bigger success!

TheBrilliant Way

In the summer of 2007, my brother and I were approached by an excessive sweater named Karl, whose case was severe. His underarms, palms, and face were perpetually drenched with sweat and he was extremely depressed about it. He had been dealing with it for nearly four years and it forced him to withdraw from many social situations that he had previously enjoyed. When he approached us, he was getting to the point where he was considering suicide.

We decided that we’d like to help Karl so immediately starting telling him about the approach that we had used to cure our own excessive sweating. We listed out all the remedies that he had tried so far, and the results he experienced with each. Then we put together a step-by-step strategy including what new remedies to try, when to try them, and how to try them.

After 2 months and having tried 6 additional remedies, we didn’t see any progress. What we thought was a sure-fire plan, the exact method that had worked for us, was not having any impact whatsoever on Karl. We began asking ourselves why, what’s the difference between us and Karl? After a few nights, got an idea…

As Josh and I were curing our sweating, we were so determined to achieve success, that we thought about it night and day. We decided that NO MATTER WHAT, come hell or high water, we WOULD overcome this sweating issue. There was NO WAY we were going to continue letting it ruin our lives. We would be living happy, successful, socially active, confident lives.

After thinking that thought “living a happy, successful, active, confident life,” many, many times with a lot of emotion and intensity, we slowly started believing, deep-down, that relief was not only possible, it was inevitable.

We then interviewed Karl to get an idea for his beliefs regarding excessive sweating. What did he think would happen in the end? How did he see it playing out?

It quickly became apparent that he was very skeptical about what we were doing. He had very little hope that it would work, and really believed deep down that he would be dealing with this condition for a long time to come. He thought of himself as being an outcast. He believed that life was a very difficult, unpleasant thing. In general, his entire outlook was very negative, which made sense, seeing as how depressed he was.

The signs were pretty clear to us and we immediately began a “make Karl happy” movement. It consisted of doing more “regular” things like going to the gym, hanging out with friends, playing sports, eating well, finding something fulfilling to pursue. Just generally living a balanced, healthy life.

Simultaneously we were research the anatomy of beliefs. Trying to answer questions like, where do we get our beliefs, how do they form, is there a way to control them, and if so, how does one do it.

The research led us to some very interesting stuff that we file in the “mind tricks” category. It turns out that there are specific things you can do, specific ways to think and imagine, that can change the way you’re feeling, and thus how you structure your thinking.

We told Karl about some of this stuff and we told him that it was a brand new neurological discovery from a mad scientist atOxford, absolutely cutting-edge. Of course, this wasn’t the case, but we figured the white lie couldn’t hurt much. Karl agreed to let us try it.

This is where things started getting interesting.

As we started experimenting with “mind tricks”, Josh and I got an idea. Let’s tell Karl that a new drug has been invented for hyperhidrosis that has a 99.99% success rate so far. It’s only been tested on 5,000 patients so far, but the company that made it is looking for volunteers to test it. It does entail some risk since you would be one of the first people to try it, but we think it’s a good idea to apply as a volunteer.

And that’s what we did.

The important thing about this equation was whether or not Karl would believe us; whether we can convince him that it’s true. We went to great length to create the details necessary for him to believe. We did a press release to announce the drug, printed out applications, wrote an acceptance letter, and ordered placebo sugar pills to use as the “drug”.

Things went really well and Karl was sold.

It was clear that he was hopeful. His entire demeanor changed. The way he walked even. He almost instantly became more confident and happy before even taking any pills. And that’s when we knew it would work.

We had him start taking the pill daily, while still doing the “make Karl happy” campaign and within 6 days, his sweating had completely vanished. Gone, 100%. He was completely back to normal and he was so incredibly happy about it. He hasn’t looked back since.

So as you can see, there are 3 very different ways to go about stopping excessive sweating. The last thing you want to do is follow in the footsteps of most people, try just one or two things, and then give up and retreat into depressed isolation.

We identified the following 6 characteristics of people who successfully overcome hyperhidrosis.

  1. Willingness to research potential solutions
  2. Willingness to try new solutions with an open-mind
  3. Discipline to document the process in a scientific manner
  4. Ability to recognize and learn from mistakes
  5. Persistence to continue trying until success
  6. Ability to “trick” yourself into believing it’s possible

You can use this as a checklist to rapidly identify whether or not you’re on track to stop excessive sweating, and if so, what to do to make it more likely. As you are trying to find the cure, use this checklist as a guide.


Chris & Josh Mechanic


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