Drysol on Sweaty Chest, Back & Thighs?

Can you apply drysol to a sweaty back, chest and thighs?

I dance and I my clothes are so soaked by the end of the night you can ring sweat into a glass!

It’s not really a problem in my hands, arm pits, scalp or feet. I have it but have not used it yet.

Reply from Chris:

Yes, you can apply Drysol to your chest, back, thighs, palms…pretty much anywhere on your body – though you may want to be careful on your face.

HOWEVER, keep an eye on the way that you’re reacting to it – the way that your body is reacting to it.

If you notice excessive dryness or skin irritation it means that you’re using it too much.

Don’t necessarily discontinue use altogether, but use it less often. I know that the directions you get for Drysol tell you to use it every night, but sometimes when you wake up in the morning and over the next few days, you’ll notice some irritation.

This means you’re using too much. Try using it less frequently.

But in general, Drysol can be used on your chest, back, thighs, palms, and other body parts other than just armpits.

Thanks for your question and I hope you find some relief.


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