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Is Blushing Ruining Your Life?

Does Your Face and/or Neck Start Turning Red The Second You Get Uncomfortable?

This exact same stuff was happening to me and my older brother Josh for several years. In addition to the Facial Blushing, we were also suffering from Social Phobia, Anxiety, and Hyperhidrosis.

Let me tell you that this was NOT a fun combination. Eventually, through trying literally hundreds of different remedies, we were able to reduce our sweating to reasonable, “normal” levels as well as our blushing. Once these two things were under control, it was much much easier for us to feel comfortable in social situations.

This Section of the Website will show You How to STOP Blushing From Ruining Your Life!

Additionally, we will answer a few basic questions like “What are the causes of blushing?” and gives you some tips for preventing blushing that you can start using now.

For a nice starting point, here is a basic definition of blushing at Wikipedia (opens in a new window).

What are the Causes of Blushing?

Blushing is a natural human phenomena that is characterized by redness and heat in a person’s face and/or neck.

This is totally normal to a degree. For most people this facial redness is caused by an uncomfortable situation, such as having to address a group of people, going on a first date or job interview, or just a generally uncomfortable situation.

The feeling of heat and redness is caused by a sudden rush of blood to a person’s upper body, triggered by the Sympathetic Nervous System (Wikipedia) or “SNS.” This part of your nervous system is mostly activated in stressful situations, when your “fight-or-flight” response is triggered.

More on the Causes of Blushing

But the type of flushing and facial redness that we are concerned with here, is the type that is chronic. That is, it’s present most of the time. Not only when a person is in a stressful situation.

This is caused mainly by over-activity in the SNS. It is very often accompanied by social anxiety and/or hyperhidrosis.

Many people that suffer from chronic facial redness feel very uncomfortable in social situations, which clearly aggravates the condition. Additionally, their social anxiety and redness can be accompanied by hyperhidrosis, which is uncontrollable, excessive sweating.

Any one of these conditions, if it were isolated, would be pretty simple to treat. But the fact that they all happen simultaneously makes it more difficult to pin-point the causes of blushing and also to treat it. This snowballs into what I call the Never-Ending Negative Feedback Loop, which goes like this…

  1. Person feels uncomfortable in social situation (anxiety)
  2. Person’s face begins blushing
  3. Person begins feeling self-conscious about that, causing more anxiety
  4. Person’s anxiety and blushing cause sweating to trigger (hyperhidrosis)
  5. Sweating and facial redness combined cause even more anxiety
  6. And on and on the feedback loop goes, causing more stress, anxiety, and discomfort.

This isn’t how it always happens. For instance, sometimes the blushing starts first, followed by the sweating, followed by the anxiety. Sometimes they all start at the same time. But no matter the order in which they start, this is a very difficult and uncomfortable way to go through life.

Tips for Preventing Blushing

My older brother and I went through several years of our lives facing difficulties like these. Like most people in this situation, we suffered in silence for a while, not even telling each other of our difficulties.

Finally, we confided in each other the fact that we were both dealing with hyperhidrosis. This was a major relief. From there, we worked together, experimenting with and trying many different solutions for our problems.

We found that certain things would work, while other things didn’t work so well. Certain things would help with our hyperhidrosis and facial blushing, while others worked for our social anxiety problems. Over the course of several years, we finally came up with solutions that helped us manage these issues.

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That’s when we got the idea to start this site in an attemp to help other whose lives were being affected by facial blushing, hyperhidrosis, and social anxiety.

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