Hello Excessive Sweaters

Author: Ms. Anonymous
Location: NJ

Hey There everyone

I just turned 17 and maybe a few months ago I use to sweat ALOT! I mean ALOT!

My shirts use to really have a bad bad odor under the arms and everything. It sucks right? I know all about it let me tell you.

I decided to really sit down with my doctor and my mom and talk to them about the sweat problem I had, and how kids would talk behind my back saying I smell like onions and talk about my sweat under the arms. My doctor was the coolest and my Mom’s like my best friend so we talked and talked and my doctor says I’m a very anxious person and I get nervous a lot, then he asked why?

And I really didn’t have a answer to the question.

But then I told him that I’m the type of person who does worry a lot about who’s looking at me, or whether I stink, or about who’s talking about me. He says that all has to stop. He thinks that most likely the kids who I think are saying stuff, are actually more worried about themselves. Then he asked me if these kids were my friends. I wasn’t really sure, but he told me that if they definitely were not. Your real friends are the ones who love and care about you a lot and they don’t care if you stink or not.

He told me that your real friends wont sit there talk about you. So i realized maybe he’s right. I dropped all the phoney people who were bringing negavitity into my life. So i did and he also gave me a prescription called GLYCOPYRROLATE! he says it will control the sweat but i have to take half a tablet everyday and drink lots and lots of water.

He knows that I eat a lot of greasy foods, and he says i should chill out on the greasy food, so I did. But ever since I been taking the pill my sweat doesn’t stink. I do still sweat. You cannot stop sweating. Everyone has to sweat. That’s how the body works.

But I don’t sweat as much as I use d to. And I sometimes get a little smelly simply because the deodorant like secret or degree does fail sometimes but is not like an odor you would run away from.

But ummmm…I guess you can say I’m okay. Definitely better than I was before. And right now it’s summertime, and I’m just relaxing and drinking alot of water.

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