Heavy Sweating Under One Armpit

by John

Hello my name is John. Recently I’ve noticed some heavy sweating under one armpit happening.

I’m almost 17 years old, and it just started. I noticed that regardless of what I’m doing, my left armpit, but not my right armpit, sweats alot.

No matter how much antiperspirant deodorant I wear, the sweat always comes back.

The problem is I’m usually not doing anything stressful at all. I’m usually just sitting watching TV, or reading a book when it happens, and my armpit seems to sweat less when I?m working out.

I don’t know what to do, please help!

Answer from Chris:

Hey there John,

We wrote about this exact problem, sweating heavily under one armpit, pretty recently. Read what we wrote about heavy sweating under one armpit

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