Diseases That Cause Body Odor

diseases that cause body odorIf you have body odor and you’re not quite sure why, you could be suffering from one of several other diseases that cause body odor.

There’s actually quite a few common diseases that can cause unusual odor, and the purpose of this article is to identify some of the most frequent ones and provide resources for treatment of them.

If after reading the list below, you don’t find one that applies to you, it may be just a normal case of bromhidrosis. Bromhidrosis is a disease on its own which consists of only body odor & not any other maladies.

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So without further ado…

8 Common Conditions & Diseases That Cause Body Odor

Here are the most common conditions that cause excessive body odor:

Poor Hygiene. This isn’t actually a disease, but is one of the most frequent causes of body odor. Things like showering, washing, brushing your teeth, wearing deodorant, using some type of fragrance—these can go a long way. How’s your hygiene?

Puberty. Nobody likes to talk about puberty (particularly those going through it), but the fact of the matter is that puberty can mess with you. It has been a cause of stress & anxiety for young people since the dawn of time. In my experience, I have seen it not only as a major excessive sweating cause, but also as a major cause for the body odor that’s often times associated with hyperhidrosis. Read more on puberty in the teens sweating forum.

Foods & Drinks. Again, this isn’t actually a disease, but rather something that you can very directly control. And in my experience, food, drink, and other “ingestibles” (things that you ingest) have a MAJOR impact on the way you smell.

Learn some good foods that you should be eating regularly.

Learn some bad foods that you should avoid at all costs.

Learn about some secret super-foods that stop B.O. & excessive sweating.

So those are the most common. Coincidentally, they are also not that big of a deal. The rest of the diseases that cause body odor listed are VERY serious and should be checked out by a medical doctor.

  • Gastrointestinal Disease
  • Urinary Tract Infection
  • Fish Odor Syndrome
  • Athlete’s Foot
  • Diabetes

I’m not an expert on any of the more serious conditions listed above. Though I would highly recommend that you do see a doctor or qualified medical professional about them.

Why is it so important to go to the doctor?

Still Not Quite Sure?

If from that list of diseases that cause body odor, you don’t think any of them apply to you, you’re not alone. There could be one of a couple things in play here.

  • You just have regular, old bromhidrosis. Bromhidrosis is a condition that can exist on it’s own sometimes. It doesn’t necessarily have to be accompanied by another disease.
  • It’s all in your head. There have been documented cases of people actually imagining their own body odor. I’m not making this up. Has anybody ever told you you stink, or do you just think it?

Here’s What You Can Do

There are all types of stuff you can try to reduce body odor. There’s a whole lot of information on this site to help. Use the search feature to find what you’re looking for.

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